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How Great Marketing Works - #ShowYourStripes Day...

Collaboration AND Innovation.

As the lead trainer and keynote speaker for Great Marketing Works, I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how collaborations can spark innovation and drive meaningful change. Today, I want to share a personal story that intertwines marketing, fashion, and the future of work – a journey that's as much about personal growth as it is about professional development.

10 years ago, when Great Marketing Works as a marketing agency was just finding its feet, I met Andy Boothman, who was running a design agency at the time. Little did I know that this encounter would lead to a partnership that would challenge my thinking about the intersection of technology, fashion, and sustainability.

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Show Your Stripes.

As an AI thought leader and Technology expert, I often discuss how artificial intelligence and automation might reshape our work landscape. However, my collaboration with Dress Code Shirts has challenged me to think differently. I now pose the question:

From optimising energy grids to predicting extreme weather events, the possibilities are both exciting and crucial for our future.

This perspective aligns perfectly with the message behind the #ShowYourStripes campaign. As a Tech Futurist Speaker, I understand that the future of work is intrinsically linked to the future of our planet. If we don't address climate change, our discussions about AI and the Fifth Industrial Revolution may become moot.

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Feel Inspired?

If you're inspired to join the movement, visit here to get your own #ShowYourStripes shirt. And for those of you looking to share your own ideas on stage, I've distilled my experience as a keynote speaker into a book called "OVERCOME," available on Gumroad. 

It's my guide to conquering public speaking fears and making your voice heard on issues that matter.Remember, in the world of marketing and beyond, it's not just about what we say – it's about the changes we inspire.

Let's work together to create a future that's not only innovative but sustainable. After all, the future of work depends on the future of our planet.

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About The Author.

Keynote speaker, professional speaker, Ted X talker, serial tech startup founder, ex marketing agency owner, digital trainer, and now author and media spokesperson Dan Sodergren’s main area of interest is the future of work, technology, data and AI 

Occasionally donning the cape of consumer champion on shows like BBC WatchDog, the One Show and RipOffBritain and being a marketing tech specialist for SuperShoppers and RealFakeAndUnknown and BBC Breakfast.

He is also a host and guest on podcasts and webinars speaking as a tech futurist. And a remote reporter / content creator for tech companies at tech events and shows. His main interest is in the future. Be that the future of marketing, or the future or work or how AI and technology will change the world for the better as part of the #FifthIndustrialRevolution 

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