• Due to CoVid19.

    All our marketing training will be given online only for the foresable future.

    Sorry for any inconvience.


    Drop us an email to discuss how this can be done.

  • Get your people trained online in

    social and digital


    At Great Marketing Works we

    train organisations like:

  • We specialise in

    training people and companies in

    B2B lead generation:

    Twitter Marketing

    How to use the best tools and techniques to make the most out of Twitter. 

    To build audiences and engage with customers as well as do PR.

    LinkedIn Marketing

    How to network, position and socially sell through using LinkedIn.

    Gaining companies more leads and teaching C-Suite execs how to thought lead.

    Email Marketing

    How to create great email campaigns that convert and make you more money.

    Emails are still a great way of marketing highly effectively.

  • We do B2C marketing training too.

    Just doing business to business lead generation would get a bit boring.

    And B2B has much to learn from B2C.


    Visual Marketing

    Instagram, Pinterest and image based marketing.

    An essential part of the modern way marketing through photos, videos and the visual image.

    Mobile Marketing 

    Today, everyone has a smart phone.

    Perfect for location-based and emotionally driven marketing campaigns.

    Twitter Marketing 

    Twitter is not just for business people.

    From customer service to gaining more customers we teach you all that Twitter can do for you.

  • What kind of training do you need? 

    Is it something bespoke? Is it for you? For your company?

    Or, for the company you work for?

    Tell us what you need.

    Get in touch.
  • People like you.

    Love what we do.

    We've had lots of recommendations over the years.

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    1-2-1 Training 

    Immersive learning in social media 

    1/2 day training workshop


    "Dan provided expert marketing advice for the Simple Netball League, particularly on the use of social media. He immediately identified areas that we could develop and I came away from the session with a number of action points. The number of players in the league has increased as a direct result. Highly recommended!"


    1-2-1 Training

    Digital, social and mobile marketing training. 

    1/2 day personal training session


    "Dan is a pleasure to work with. Highly knowledgeable and he generates a great understanding of your business and how to market it extremely quickly, therefore meaning the work you do with him is very good value for money."


    Group Training in Mobile Marketing

    Teaching Marketing Manager about new opportunities 

    1/2 day training workshop


    "Thank you Dan, for a very meaningful mobile app training day, I am not afraid to say that it was one of the best and most interesting trainings I have attended."


    Group Workshop in Social Media

    All of social media for selling

    1/2 day training workshop


    "I was really impressed with Dan's vibrant and informative presentation on social media marketing. Some fantastic tips on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook which I was able to implement the same day. I'd recommend to any business owner or Director who's interested in improving their social media awareness that they book Dan. Even a half day session is crammed full of useful, essential ideas."

    Whole Department Training 

    Intensive Hands On Team Social Media Training

    Full day training workshop


    "Our team recently got together to immerse ourselves in Dan's world of social media know-how and how to apply a dollop or two of common sense - and he absolutely blew us away! His high octane anecdotal wisdom combined with his passion to help us all rethink the rules of social media really impressed us all. Since Dan's visit I for one have grown my social networking confidence and have discovered you've got to use it to understand it - so thanks Dan for getting me tweeting more often, not setting up Facebook groups if they don't achieve outcomes, and how to strategically LinkedIn!"


    Team Social Media Training 

    Covering the whole range of social media 

    1/2 day training session


    "I admit: I was skeptical. So a marketing guru was going convince me that this new-fangled social media was going to grow my business? I don’t think so . . . 

    Fast forward three hours and I left the presentation with bundles of notes, bags of enthusiasm and a very clear idea of what I could do with Social Media that was going to boost my business. In less than a week, we have become much more involved in Social Media (mainly through Twitter) and are beginning to have conversations and build relationships.

    We have nearly doubled our Twitter following and are planning our targeted Social Media campaign."


  • We train people through partner organisations, universities and the public sector too.


    And many more...

  • Your Trainers

    We've got a top notch team! With years of experience.

    James Howegogo

    James Howegogo

    Analytics and Social Media Specialist.

    With a background in recruitment marketing, ecommerce and SaaS platforms, James is by necessity a commercially driven, data-focused digital marketing professional with background on lead generation, social media, reporting and analytics.


    A graduate of the Google Squared programme and customer experience advocate, James currently works with PBF Solutions, a marketing technology and analytics company helping challenger banks to acquire and retain retail customers and map their behaviour. 

    Dan Sodergren

    Dan Sodergren

    Digital and Guerrilla Marketing Specialist

    As a digital marketing consultant, Dan has worked with social, mobile and gaming clients ranging from high growth start-ups to well established household names like O2. With active experience in topics as varied as gamification, geo location, augmented reality, social media excellence, and PPC.


    Dan delivers high energy master classes in several cutting edge digital marketing disciplines, as well as more personalised and in-depth 1-2-1 training sessions in social media. Dan helps his clients (and the organisations that support them) get more clients and make more money.

  • Be in touch. Watch a training session. Drop us a line.

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  • We have years of experience.


    We train whole organisations, small teams and individuals. 

    1-2-1 Training 

    Focusing purely on social media and Twitter 

    1/2 day 1-2-1 training session


    "After an afternoon with Dan my social media manager came out wide-eyed and buzzing, utterly enthused and bursting with useful, practical tips. In the trainee's words, Dan taught him more in an hour than most courses teach in a day."


    Small Team Training

    Both PPC digital marketing and social media strategy

    Full Day Workshop


    "We got Great Marketing Works in to help our new marketing team with ideas on digital advertising and social media. Not only was the day long training fun, but it was informative, inspirational and full of new ideas. We would recommend it to small business looking to get more from their digital marketing efforts. Well worth it."


    Group Training Session

    Covering the whole of digital marketing over a day

    Full day workshop


    "Dan is not only one of the UK's leading experts in Social Media and Digital Marketing, but is also a quite superb teacher. His style of teaching makes the subject easy to learn, but most importantly he drives home what he has learnt and all of his experience within a short space of time.
    My staff will be using Dan in the future"


    Cross Department Brand Building

    Teaching digital and social media theory and then best practice

    One very full day and evening 


    "International Motor Sports Ltd approached Dan to deliver an in-house social media training day so we can optimize our marketing and were totally blown away by his knowledge, enthusiasm and experience. We would have no hesitation in recommending him or indeed in engaging his services again ourselves in the future."


  • Which part of digital marketing 

    do you need to more training on?


    Tell us what you want to get trained up in.


    We have over 30 different digital workshops we can help you with.

  • Want help with your digital marketing

    instead of digital marketing training?

    Need us to do something more hands on?

    We can do that.

    Be in touch
  • Why are we called 

    Great Marketing Works

    Good question. Well. This is our philosophy.

    - G -


    - R -


    - E -


    - A -


    - T -


  • And yes we DO marketing for clients too.

    In areas that excite us like... 

    Social media management

    On all major platforms

    Email Campaigns

    For both B2B and B2C clients.

    Traffic Generation

    From SEO and PPC

    Digital Marketing Plans

    For a variety of clients

    App Development

    For public and private sector clients

    Mobile Games

    For those more adventurous brands

  • Our New Privacy Document.

    To keep us in line with GDPR.

  • Our New Anti Bribery And Corruption Policy

    To keep us in line with the governments rulings for our suppliers.

  • We have both a sustainability programme 

    and a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

    Please contact us directly for these.

    Our main chosen non for profit we donate to is:

    Be Free Of Type 2 D.

  • As you may expect - we are

    a very social digital marketing training company.

    Come and follow us on Twitter

    and join more than 14,000 other people who get our help. 

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