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The #FutureOfWork:

The Top 5 Jobs #AI Will

Overtake in the Next 5 Years

I asked ChatGPT (well my own version of it on my server) what it thought. And which jobs it and all AI would be best suited for it to take over.

Its answers are illuminating. But why might AI take over these jobs?

Well ChatGPT says:

"It is the age of automation and technology, and advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are quickly changing our world. Especially in the job market. While AI is still a long way from replacing all jobs. Its particular set of skills and capabilities. Are already beginning to shape how certain positions are performed. In the next five years, certain jobs will be replaced by AI. Because of its ability to perform tasks faster and more accurately."

Makes sense doesn't it?

The top 5 jobs (according to ChatGPT) are:

The first of these five jobs is telemarketing.

With advances in AI technology, computer programs are now able to carry out a personalized call service to customers. This means that customers can get their questions answered faster. And more effectively than with a human telemarketer. AI-powered programs can also easily connect customers with the correct department. Or service and help them find the best solution to their issue.

The second job that AI will overtake is customer service.

AI chatbots are being used more and more by businesses to provide customer service. These chatbots are able to respond to customer issues faster and more accurately than human customer service agents. Additionally, AI chatbots can quickly access massive databases of information. And are able to provide a tailored response to each customer.

The third job that AI will replace is accounting.

With sophisticated AI programs, businesses can now track their spending and income more quickly and accurately than ever before. AI can also detect any discrepancies in financial documents. And alert accountants to potential issues.

The fourth job that AI will overtake is data entry.

AI powered programs can quickly input vast amounts of data. Into a variety of systems and databases. This not only makes the data entry process a lot faster. But it also eliminates the possibility of human error.

The fifth job that AI will take over is medical diagnostics.

With AI-powered programs, doctors can now quickly and accurately diagnose patients. Without the need for lengthy physical tests. AI-powered programs are also able to detect potential health problems and alert doctors to any potential issues. Before trained doctors can.

As you can see above. AI is quickly becoming an integral part of many businesses. As ChatGPT puts it:

“From telemarketing to medical diagnostics, AI is slowly replacing traditional jobs. And making the workplace faster and more efficient. The five jobs highlighted above are only a few of the jobs AI will overtake in the next five years. As the digital age continues to progress, the number of jobs AI will take over will only continue to grow.”

My conclusion:

The discussion around the future of work and AI looks set to become a central part of the conversation in the upcoming years. It is clear that automation will be a part of the future of work. And the availability of AI and automation technologies is likely to increase in the next 5 years. As AI advances, jobs in certain industries are likely to be replaced. Or supplemented by AI and automation technologies. Though this may seem daunting. These changes also open up opportunities that didn’t exist before.

With AI and automation advancing, now is the time to evaluate our skill sets. And consider what innovative solutions you can pursue. To stay competitive in the job market. With a combination of AI and human creativity, the future of work looks to be an exciting adventure!

As a human being once said…

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Which is why I wrote a book about it called….

The AI Advantage.

And I am doing a brand new workshop on this for the Institute of Internal Communication on Feb 27th all about it.