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Dan Sodergren to host #TedxTalk Brighton in 2024...

From tedxtalk speaker to host in two years...

After speaking about AI and the future of work at TEDxBrighton 2022,

I'm thrilled to announce my return as the host for TEDxBrighton 2024!

My previous talk, which you can find on YouTube, was all about the future of work and AI and delved into the unexpected directions the future of work might take.

This year, I'm stepping up to host, promising an event filled with groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions.

This year, TEDxBrighton challenges us to shift our focus and change the world by paying attention to what truly matters. With a lineup of speakers who are set to surprise and inspire, including Simon Squibb, Hady Milani, Bud Johnston, Gayle Berry, and many more, we're diving into topics far from ordinary.

From rethinking anti-Black racism to exploring space sustainability and nurturing the future, every talk is curated to change your perspective on the future. Join us for a day of groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions. Don't miss out, book your tickets now at TEDxBrighton.

Let's make a difference together by focusing on what deserves our attention.